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Comments from Previous pupils

Here are just some of the learners who have passed their driving test with A Highway School of Motoring

Olivia was by far the kindest and most patient instructor I have ever had to deal with , her attention to detail teaching and clear instructions made it very easy for me to learn and pass my test first time.

My deepest appreciation and gratitude...

Olivia is an extremely professional, calm and thorough instructor. She ensured I was well prepared for all aspects for my driving test and covered all of the routes. I would highly recommend Olivia for anyone considering driving lessons .

Olivia is an extremely supportive, dedicated and experienced Driving Instructor.

She coached me from the ground up and has instilled good driving habits and behaviors which allowed me to pass my test on the first attempt.

What particularly impressed me with Olivia is her patience and good nature which augers well for an excellent and safe learning environment.

Olivia ensured I was well prepared for the test and we covered all test routes before the exam. I would 100% recommend Olivia as a driving instructor.

My experience with Olivia was absolute pleasure. Olivia is a great driving instructor. She notices every small detail on the road and predicts every situation.

She explained all the lessons material in a simple language and confirmed I understood everything.

Olivia is very friendly and attentive. The lessons were very insightful and full in humor.

Highly recommended!

Thank you ever so much Olivia!

Thanks a million Olivia for helping me pass my test with a clear sheet.

I would like to highly recommend Olivia as a driving instructor, as well as a decent and lovely person. I took all my EDT lessons and practice lessons with Olivia, and she has made me the driver I am today. She has gone above and beyond the call of duty for me, and I am forever grateful! Thank you so much Olivia, you are the reason I managed to pass my test first time around!


Just to say thanks again for all your patience and encouragement over the past few months. It was a great boost to get through it on the first round which is down to the time you put in with me.

Wishing you all the best,


I highly recommend Olivia who played a major role in structuring my driving habits and steering them in the right direction. I found her to be extremely professional and punctual . The mock tests were very helpful and the questions on the website were on the mark. Also she was a pleasure to work with. It was one of my best decisions to get lessons from you. Thank you Olivia for all your help.

Best wishes,

Aaisha Khan

I can’t highly enough recommend Olivia from A-Highway School of Motoring, she is a fantastic instructor!! Having last driven 6 years ago I was extremely nervous at driving again and going for the driving test. Olivia really put me at ease straight away, she has a lovely manner. I had picked up many bad habits from my previous stint at driving and Olivia was able to pick up on them all straight away, by the second lesson I had drastically improved! By the time of the test I was thoroughly prepared, I did the test in Rathgar and she took me on all the routes so during the test I was relaxed as I had the familiarity of the roads which was a massive help in passing. Olivia had me driving at such a high standard, never missing a trick and spotting every mistake I made, that I sailed through the test with flying colours. She also gave me a great understanding of the reason behind the techniques of driving and the benefit in correctly carrying out all the different driving manoeuvres, which made it much easier to recognise my mistakes myself and correct them and gave me a better sense of control in my driving. Not only was I completely prepared for my test but I am also confident to drive on my own and now enjoy driving.

I wouldn’t have passed without all your instruction, enthusiasm and encouragement, thank you so much Olivia!!!

Many Thanks

I recommend Olivia 200% to any kind of drivers or learners!

After failing my first driving test, I contacted Olivia to teach me.

Olivia helped me with everything, showed me hundreds of tips and techniques that I had no idea about!

I was a difficult student but she had a different approach, was more calm, very patient and made me feel very at ease while instructing.

I really think I would not have passed without her lessons.

So I will say it again, a Huge Thank You to you Olivia for helping me pass my driving test.

Thank you!



I called Olivia after receiving a great feedback on her from a friend and I´m happy to say her knowledge on how to prepare you to a successful driving test is remarkable.

Olivia methodically helped me to become a more confident and aware driver.

She´s very thorough and manages to keep a great spirit and humor in her lessons.

I had a great time doing the lessons with her and passed the test on the first go.

Thank you, Olivia, for your professionalism, great conversation and patience.

I will definitely recommend you to my friends.


Thank you again, Olivia :).

Olivia is not only patient, calm and focused, she also knows exactly what she is doing super very well.

I am Lebanese who drove for 8 years an automatic transmission car in the Lebanon. Meaning, I drove an easy car on the right lane in a country where driving rules are literally absent!

There is no way that I could pass the test; let alone from the first time.

In exactly 12 lessons, Olivia taught how to drive a manual on the left lane, respecting all the rules of the road and highlighted all the areas that I would be tested for; not forgetting a single aspect.

I passed the test from the first exam and thanks to Olivia for that.

It is worthy to note that Olivia is also very sweet and I; personally enjoyed my lessons/time with her as they were a lot of fun.

Zena Khalil

Olivia was by far the best Driving Instructor I had. I did my test twice in Kilkenny and failed. I began to loose hope and I kept delaying the test, I had lost faith in myself. I wasn´t very confident about ever passing the test. I then applied to do my test in Rathgar test centre. I didn´t think I´d pass in Dublin as it seemed a lot harder and the pass rate was only 44%. Olivia gave me the confidence,coaching me in everything that I needed to correct in order to pass. She was very patient, and I would never of passed my driving test without her. I would recommend Olivia to anyone I know doing their test.

Many thanks


Olivia, thank you so much for helping me prepare for my driving test. You were really patient and gave great instruction on how to pass the test successfully. Your knowledge of the test area was invaluable and overall you helped me to become a more confident driver. Anyone thinking of booking lessons or anyone who has their test coming up should book a lesson with Olivia!

Olivia is a fantastic Instructor and was very thorough during each lesson. I found that when my test came I was totally prepared in terms of my own driving but also in relation to the test routes. Olivia definitely went above and beyond in the preparation for my test, Sean.

Overall, I was much much calmer than yesterday. The observation turning right was stupid, at the barrier on the way back into the centre. The moving off, was failing to indicate right before the left turn, clutch and gears we talked about (and no surprise), and kicking myself on the stop at the end.

Still, there is no way that I´d have done anywhere near this well without the last few sessions. You are remarkably calm and patient, and excellent at both putting students at ease and constructive instruction. With any luck ( or rather practice) I´ll definitely be having some more closer to my next test date.

Many thanks, Simon.

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