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Zena Khalil

Olivia is not only patient, calm and focused, she also knows exactly what she is doing super very well.

I am Lebanese who drove for 8 years an automatic transmission car in the Lebanon. Meaning, I drove an easy car on the right lane in a country where driving rules are literally absent!

There is no way that I could pass the test; let alone from the first time.

In exactly 12 lessons, Olivia taught how to drive a manual on the left lane, respecting all the rules of the road and highlighted all the areas that I would be tested for; not forgetting a single aspect.

I passed the test from the first exam and thanks to Olivia for that.

It is worthy to note that Olivia is also very sweet and I; personally enjoyed my lessons/time with her as they were a lot of fun.

Zena Khalil

2 Hour Lesson
Lessons are 2hrs long

Learn to drive with fully qualified RSA instructor in Dublin covering Tallaght Test Centre

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