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Applying For a Driving Test

The final step to obtaining your full licence is the practical driving test, once your driving skills have reached a suitable level, you can book your driving test HERE.

Have your credit/debit card ready, submissions will be posted within 5 working days. If you do not receive an acknowledgement of your application within 10 working days, please contact:

Driving Testing Section, Road Safety Authority,

Moy Valley Business Park, Primrose Hill

Dublin Rd; Ballina, Co. Mayo.

Postal Application

Post a completed application form to the address above with a cheque or postal order, made payable to the Road Safety Authority. Notification will arrive 4-5 weeks before your given a test date. If you wish to change your test date for any reason you must contact the RSA by writing to the above address or phone (Low call 1890-40-60-40) if you wish to cancel your appointment the RSA requires at least 10 days notice in advance of the test date provided. If you have cancelled your test more than once the subsequent appointments may result in your test fees being forfeited Most Test centres have a waiting list of 10-12 weeks.

Some Facts

You must have your Learner Permit for a minimum of 6 months before you can take a driving test. Drivers must arrange the car for their test, using the ADI instructor´s car or a car you have been using for practice that is fully insured and roadworthy

You should check that your Learner Permit is valid for your test date, double check the test centre, date and time of your test.

Preparing for a test

One of the main reasons candidates fail the driving test is because of lack of preparation with a qualified ADI/RSA Driving Instructor.

Pre-Test Tuition is essential if you are going to succeed and give yourself every chance to achieve a Pass on the Day!

Preparing in advance is also essential if you are going to be successful! Your A-Highway School of Motoring Driving Instructor provides Pre-Tests serving Churchtown Test centre. Covering all of the essentials of driving and test routes in order to pass. Apply for a Driving Test Online.

The day of the Test

Knowing what to expect when you get to the test centre can boost your confidence and your chances of passing. Here´s how the Practical test works.

Preparing for the test

Immediately before your test you should have at least an hour´s lesson with your instructor to warm up and feel comfortable in the car. It´ll also help to calm any last minute nerves. You should check that your Learner Permit is valid for your test date, remember to bring along your test appointment letter, Learner permit and double check your appointment letter for date,time and test centre.

What happens on test day?

First off, the examiner will ask you to sign a form and show your ID. Then they´ll ask you questions on the Rules of the Road. You´ll also be asked ´show me´ and ´tell me´ vehicle safety questions.

During the Practical test

The examiner will be looking to see that you´re a competent and safe driver - responding to situations sensibly and making sound judgments. Apart from general driving, such as which direction to go, where and when to turn and stop; your examiner will ask you to carry out two exercises: reversing around a corner and a turnabout

Your examiner wants you to do well

The examiner won´t say much in case it puts you off. Put any mistakes behind you and just concentrate on what´s happening in the present. One minor error doesn´t mean a fail.

Despite what you might have heard - there´s no quota for test passes or fails. If you´ve reached the required standard, you´ll pass your test. It actually takes 9 grade two driving faults or one grade 3, dangerous fault to fail the test.

Getting your result

Now that you have passed your Driving Test - What do you do next

Submit your full driving license application form to your local Motor Tax Office ensuring you include the following documents:

Your application form

Certificate of Competency (Awarded when you pass your test)

2 Passport Photos (Signed on the back)

Your current learner permit

Appropriate Fee

In order to apply for or renew a driving licence, the fees that apply and the licence terms that are available go to:

If you Fail your Test

Apply as soon as possible to make the most of the training and work already done. See your instructor as soon as possible and get advice and accurate instruction on the points you failed on and work towards a pass for the next time.

Learn to drive with fully qualified RSA instructor in Dublin covering Tallaght Test Centre

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