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Protocols that will be introduced in the driving test to prevent the spread of Covid19 include;

Before appointments are offered candidates will be provided with information concerning COVID-19.
Where a person is displaying symptoms of COVID-19 they should not attend for test and on advising us their appointment will be cancelled and a further appointment will be offered in due course free of charge.
Customers are asked to make an extra effort to ensure that their vehicle is clean and free from any personal belongings. Having a safe and clean vehicle for the test is important for both customers and driver testers.
In compliance with public health guidelines only customers for driving tests can enter the driving test centre. A candidate’s accompanying driver or approved driving instructor must make alternative arrangements while you take the test.
Driver testers will wear a face mask and test customers will also be asked to wear face masks when attending for their appointment. The RSA will initially provide customers with a face mask and alternative arrangement will be put in place to accommodate those who cannot support the wearing of a mask.
Hand sanitisers will be available in the test centre. Customers will be asked to use the hand sanitiser/use hand washing facilities on entry after being called for their test by the driver tester and also when fitting and removing their face mask.
Driver testers will also be carrying wipes and hand sanitisers. Driver testers may wipe down some surfaces on a candidate’s vehicle.
Customers may be asked to keep their windows partially open during the test and are asked to comply with any request to do so in the interest of measures to mitigate against the transmission of Covid-19.
After each test the driver tester will ensure that all commonly touched surfaces such as door handles and desk surfaces are wiped down with appropriate wipes/cleaner in between tests and all wipes disposed.
Please see here further information for customers and here for information on radio earpieces for those attending for motorcycle tests.

Please see here for frequently asked questions on the resumption of the driving test service.

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